InfiRay ITS II 300 Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening System (0°C~60°C, 384×288)

Thermal specifications: 

      Detector: VOx uncooled IRFPA

      Resolution: 384×288

      Focal length: 7.8mm

      FOV: 47°× 35.6°

      Spectral band: 8~14μm

      NETD: ≤40mK @25°C, F#1.0°C

      Focus: Auto/Manual

Visible light specifications: 

      Resolution: 1920×1080

      Focal length: 4.7~141mm, 30-fold optical zoom

      FOV (horizontal): 60.5°~2.3°

Temperature measurement: 

      Measuring range: 0°C ~60°C

      Measuring accuracy: ±0.3°C@33°C~42°C of target temperature

      Effective measuring distance: 2~10m

Software functions: 

      Measuring tools: Multi-target real-time face tracking and measuring

      High temperature alarm: Manual over-temperature alarm, pop-out alarm, audible alarm, and GPIO linkage alarm

      Preview mode: Visible light/infrared

      Human face detection: Human face detection: Intelligent face detection and mask detection; support customized face matching in local databases

      Body temperature correction: Intelligent temperature correction

      Data analysis: 1TB historical data storage space, retrievable by mask, alarm type, and time

      Flux: >200 people/minute

      Remote access: WEB remote access, for real-time preview and alarm

      Networking function: Connect a maximum of 3 cameras

Power supply: 12V DC

Environment adaption: 

      Operating temperature: -10°C~50°C

      Humidity: 5~95%, non-condensing



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