HT Instruments THT70L 赤外線カメラ (8 ÷14µm, 384 x 288 pxl)

Type of IR sensor: UFPA

Spectrum range: 8 ÷14µm

Resolution: 384 x 288 pxl / 17µm

Thermal sensitivity: <0.05°C @ 30°C / 50mK

Field of view (FOV): 9,8° x 12.7°

IFOV (@1m): 0.77mrad

Image focus: Manual on lens

Frequency: 50Hz

Operating temperature: -15°C ÷ 50°C

Falling test: 2m

Size (LxWxH) (mm): 260 x 101 x 120mm

Weight: 850g

Standard accesspries

Calibration report

Optics 22mm f/1.0

Headset with microphone

User manual on CD-ROM and quick guide

Micro SD Card 8GB

HDMI video cable

Windows software on CD-ROM


AC / DC power supply + universal plugs

Battery charging base

Rigid carrying case



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