GESTER GT-C35A-2 Vertical Flammability Chamber

After flame time: 0-999.9s resolution 0.01s

After glow time:  0-999.9s resolution 0.01s 

Burning time: 12s (adjustable)


Inner diameter: 10^-0,5mm

Angle: 90°C 

Dimension of specimen holder

Out frame: 442*76*12.5mm 

Inner frame: 356x51mm

Testing flame height: 38mm

Distance between nozzle top and specimen: 19mm 

Tearing weights: 100g, 200g, 300g, 475g

Power supply: AC 220V 50/60hz

Dimensions: 600x450x885mm (LxWxH) 

Weight: 44kg

Standards: ASTM D6413

Standards accessories: 4 x Tearing weights, 1 x Air supply device, 1 x Sample holder, 1 x Flame measuring scale, 1 x Power line

Optional accessories: Φ11mm Nozzle, Φ10mm Nozzle, CFR1615,1616 holder and tear weights, ASTM D6413 holder and tearing weights, CALIF TB-117 holder



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