GESTER GT-C13C Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

Working Positions: 9 

Control Mode: PLC Control and Touch Screen Display

Counter Range: 0~999999 times 

Test Pressure

Abrasion Test:

Specimen holder: (198±2)g

Larger loading piece: (597±5)g

The sum mass:(795±7)g, for workwear, upholstery, bed linen and fabrics for technical use (nominal pressure of 12kpa)

Specimen holder: (198±2)g

Smaller loading piece:(397±5)g

The sum mass: (595±7)g, for apparel and household textiles, excluding upholstery and bed linen (nominal pressure of 9kpa)

Pilling Test:

Stainless steel loading piece: (155±1)g

Specimen holder: (260±1)g

The sum mass: (415±2)g 

Holder Effective Diameter:

Abrasion Holder: φ(28.65 + 0.05)mm

Pilling Holder: φ(90± 0.10)mm 

Rotational Speed: 50±2r/min 

Pressing Weight: Mass:(2.5 ±0.5) 

Diameter: φ(120±10)mm 

Power Supply: AC220V 50/60HZ 500W 

Dimensions (L×W×H): 850x650x350mm

Weight: 150kg



Abrasion Weight and Holder: 1set 

Pilling Weight and Holder: 1set 

Standard Abradents Fabric: 2pcs for each head 

Standard Backing Foam 38mm box: 60pcs 

Standard Woven Felt Discs 140mm: 2pcs for each head 

Standard Woven Felt Discs 90mm: 2pcs for each head 

Sample Cutting Template (038mm, 090mm, 0140mm): 1pc each size

Pressing Weight: 1pc 

Auxiliary Device for Specimen Mounting: 1pc 

Steel Ball: 3pcs 

Power Line: 1pc 

Optional accesories:

EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test (3x4 knitted)

EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test (3 x 4 woven)

SM 50 Photographs for Pilling Test IWS+ ASTM Optional 4 Sets 1-5 (Plain, Twill A, Twill B, Blanket)

Standard Abradents Fabric

Standard Backing Foam φ38mm

Standard Woven Felt Discs φ140mm

Standard Woven Felt Discs φ90mm

Sample Cutter φ38mm

Sample Cutter 090mm

Sample Cutter φ140mm


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