THORLABS SPDMH3F Single Photon Detection Modules with Fixed Gain (400-1000 nm, 250 Hz)


Detector Type: Si Avalanche Photodetector

Wavelength Range: 400 nm - 1000 nm

Active Detector Size(b): Ø100 µm (Nominal)

Typical Photon Detection Efficiency(c):

- 10% @ 405 nm

- 50% @ 520 nm

- 70% @ 670 nm

- 60% @ 810 nm

Dark Count Rate (Max): 250 Hz

Count Rate: 20 MHz (Max)

Input Fiber Compatibility

Fiber Connector: FC/PC

Input Fiber Core Diameter (Max): <105 μm

Numerical Aperture: ≤0.29

(a) See the manual for complete specifications.

(b) The active area of the integrated Si Avalanche Photodetector is larger than 100 μm. The SPDMH2F and SPDMH3F modules are optimized for optical fibers as specified above. A pre-aligned GRIN lens focuses the light onto a spot of <70 μm diameter in the center of the detector.

(c) Specifications are valid for modules without the FC/PC connector.



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