THORLABS PM400 Touchscreen Power and Energy Meter Console with Multi-Touch Technology

Power Meter Console(a)

Compatible Sensors: Photodiode Power,Thermal Power,Thermal Position & Power, and Pyroelectric Energy(b)

Optical Power Range(c): 100 pW to 200 W

Optical Energy Range(c): 3 µJ to 15 J

Max Repetition Rate(c): 3 kHz

Available Sensor Wavelength Range(c): 185 nm - 25 μm

Display Refresh Rate: 10 Hz (Numerical) 25 Hz (Analog Simulation)

Bandwidth(c): DC - 100 kHz

(a) See the manula for complete console specifications.

(b) The PM400 console is compatible with all Thorlabs' C-Series Pyroelectric Energy Sensors except the ES408C Fast Pyroelectric Energy Sensor.

(c) Sensor Dependent



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