THORLABS PM160 Wireless Power Meter with Si Photodiode Sensor (400 - 1100 nm, 10 nW - 200 mW)

Wavelength Range: 400 - 1100 nm

Optical Power Measurement Range: 10 nW - 2 mW(1 µW to 200 mW w/ Filter)

Max Average Power Density(b): 1 W/cm² (20 W/cm² w/ Filter)

Optical Power Resolution: 100 pW (10 nW w/ Filter)

Measurement Uncertainty: ±3% (451 - 1000 nm) ±5% (Over Rest of Range)

Sliding Optical Filter: Reflective ND (OD 1.5) with Diffuser

Distance to Sensor from Top Surface of Housing: 1.7 mm (4.2 mm w/ Filter)

Sensor Aperture: Ø9.5 mm (Ø0.37")

(a) For the complete list of specifications, please see the manual.

(b) For continuous wave (CW) sources, this value is equivalent to the peak power density, while for pulsed laser sources this value is calculated from the time-averaged power and beam profile.



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