THORLABS PIAK10 Piezoelectric Inertia Actuators (10 mm Travel, 1/4"-80 Mounting Thread)

Key Specifications(a)

Travel: 10 mm

Typical Step Size(b): 20 nm

Maximum Step Size(c): <30 nm

Step Size Adjustability(d): ≤30%

Maximum Step Frequencye: 2000 Hz

Maximum Active Preload(f): 30 N

Recommended Maximum Axial Load Capacity(g): 2.5 kg (5.51 lbs)

Speed (Continuous Stepping): 2 mm/minute (Typical). <3.5 mm/minute (Maximum)

Drive Screw: 1/4"-80 Thread, Hard PVD Coated

Motor Type: Piezoelectric Inertia

Primary Mounting Feature: 1/4"-80 Thread

Required Controller(h): KIM001 or KIM101

(a) See the Specs  in  manual.

(b) This value can vary by up to 20% and is not normally repeatable due to component variance, change of direction, and application conditions.

(c) Adjustable Up to 30% in Both Directions Using the Controller

(d) This can be adjusted using the KIM101 Controller.

(e) Using the KIM001 or KIM101 Inertia Piezo Controllers

(f) The axial force applied to the drive tip to achieve the specified step size. A minimum of 5 N is recommended to enhance stepping behavior.

(g) A higher maximum load is possible but it may decrease the typical step size.

(h) Controllers are sold separately. These actuators can also be controlled using the legacy TIM101 T-Cube controller.



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