THORLABS PDFA100 Praseodymium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (Single Mode)

Amplifier Specifications(a)

Operating Wavelength Range(b): 1280 - 1330 nm (O-Band)

Input Power Range: -30 - 10 dBm

Output Power (@ 3 dBm Input Power)(c,d): >16 dBm

Small Signal Gain (@ -30 dBm Input Power)(c): >20 dB

Noise Figure (@ -30 dBm Input Power)(c): <8 dB

Pump Laser: 980 nm, Class 1M

Fiber Specifications

Polarization-Dependent Gain: <0.5 dB

Return Loss at Input Port: >50 dB

Input / Output Isolation: >30 dB

Input / Output Fiber Type: Single Mode

Input / Output Fiber Connectors: FC/APC Compatible, 2.0 mm Narrow Key

(a) Specifications are taken at 100% pump current set-point. SMF-28 Ultra fiber patch cables with FC/APC connectors are used at the input and output.

(b) The wavelength range over which the small signal gain (at -30 dBm input power) does not fall below 10 dB.

(c) Specified at 1310 nm. Please see the manual for typical curves showing the variation of each parameter.

(d) Please refer to the manual for the scaling of the output power vs. the input power.



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