THORLABS FPD310-FS-VIS Si Amplified Photodetectors, Switchable Gain (400-1000 nm, M4 Taps)

Wavelength Range: 400 - 1000 nm

Bandwidth Range: 1 - 1500 MHz

Gain Hi-Z Load: -

Gain 50 Ω Load: 2 x 10^3 - 2 x 10^4 Vpp/W(g)

NEP: 24.0 pW/Hz^1/2

Active Area: 0.13 mm^2 (Ø0.4 mm)

Operating Temperature Range: 10 to 40°C

Power Supply Included: Yes

(c) Also available in an OEM package as the PDAPC2.

(d) Switchable with 8 x 10 dB Steps. Bandwidth varies inversely with gain.

(e) Also available in an OEM package as the PDAPC1.

(f) The detector active area surface is flush with the front of the housing.

(g) Switchable with 2 steps, 0 and 20 dB. These gain values are valid for a femtosecond pulsed input. See the  manual for complete gain specifications.



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