THORLABS DET02AFC High-Speed Fiber-Coupled Detectors (1 GHz, 400 - 1100 nm, 8-32 Tap)

Wavelength Range: 400 - 1100 nm

Material: Si

Bandwidth (-3 dB)(a,b,f): 1 GHz

Fiber Input: FC/PC

Signal Output: SMA

Minimum Resistor Load: 50 Ω

Maximum Peak Power: 18 mW

Saturation Power (CW): -

Output Voltage: 0 to 3.3 V (50 Ω) 0 to 10 V (Hi-Z)

Rise Time (tr): 1 ns @ 730 nm(a,b,f) (Max)

Fall Time (tf): 1 ns @ 730 nm(a,b,f) (Max)

Bias Voltage: 12 V

Dark Current: 126 pA(h)

NEP (Maximum): 9.5 x 10^-15 W/√Hz (@ 730 nm)

Junction Capacitance: 1.73 pF (Max)

Photodiode Element: FDS02

(a) Measured with specified bias voltage of 12 V.

(b) For a 50 Ω Load

(c) Although these detectors have FC/PC input connectors, our testing shows that they may be used with FC/APC patch cables with no measurable differences in performance.

(d) A higher output voltage will decrease the bandwidth.

(e) Calculated based upon peak responsivity and damage threshold.

(f) Low battery voltage will result in slower rise times and decreased bandwidth.

(g) These rise and fall times are tested and guaranteed in our production units. A theoretical rise time of 292 ps can be calculated using the formulas found in chapter 4.6 of the manual or the Photodiode Tutorial tab.

(h) For a 1 MΩ Load



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