THORLABS DET025A High-Speed Free-Space Detectors (Si with Window, 400-1100 nm, 8-32 Tap)

Wavelength Range: 400 - 1100 nm

Material: Si

Active Area: Ø250 µm

Bandwidth (-3 dB)(a,b,c): 2 GHz

Input: Flat, AR-Coated Window

Ball Lens Diameter: N/A

Aperture Size: Ø0.13" (Ø3.2 mm)

Signal Output: SMA

Minimum Resistor Load: 50 Ω

Maximum Peak Power: 18 mW

Output Voltaged: 2 V (Max)

Rise Time (tr): 150 ps @ 653 nm, 20%/80%(a,b,c) (Typ.)

Fall Time (tf): 150 ps @ 653 nm, 80%/20%(a,b,c) (Typ.)

Bias Voltage: 12 V

Dark Current(a,e): 35 pA

NEP (Maximum): 9.29 x 10^-15 W/√Hz (@ 730 nm)

Junction Capacitance: 1.73 pF (Max)

Photodiode Element: -

(a) Measured with a specified bias voltage of 12 V.

(b) For a 50 Ω Load

(c) Low battery voltage will result in slower rise times and decreased bandwidth.

(d) A higher output voltage will decrease the bandwidth.

(e) For a 1 MΩ Load



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