Micronmeasure MP-3025 Profile Projector (50X, 100X)

Metal table size: 405*280

Glass table size: 306*196

XY axis stroke: 250*150

Z-axis stroke: 90(focusing)

XY coordinate digital display resolution: 0.001mm

Projection screen size: Projection screen size: Ø 312 application range > Ø 300 (engraved with meter line)

Projection screen rotation range: 0°~360°

Rotation angle digital display resolution: 1′ or 0.01°

Magnification: 50X, 100X

Object line field of view: 6, 3

Object working distance: 38.4, 25.3

Data processing system: DC3000 (can be converted from Chinese to English, can be used for multi-point sampling, coordinate rotation; point, line, circle, distance and angle measurement)

Light source: Both transmission and reflection lighting sources are 24V, 150W halogen lamps

Instrument power supply: 110V / 220V (AC), 50 / 60Hz, total power = 400W

Overall dimension: 810*780*1120

Instrument weight: 200

Options: Micro printer, optical edge finder, M2D software, dp-300 digital display meter

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