Micronmeasure coordinate floor type Coordinate floor type automatic locking screw machine ( 2-5 s/ pcs)

Machine size: 900*1100*1500

Production speed: 2-5 seconds pcs, depending on the length of the screw.

Number of lock axles: 2-32 axles are optional

Electric and gas system: using original imported components

Feeding screw method: blowing type automatic feeding

Control system: PLC+touch screen control system

Feeding volume: 3000-5000 pieces (depending on the length of the screw)

Torque adjustment: each axis can be adjusted individually

Power supply: 220V50Hz power 1000W

Scope of use

Applicable screw range: one of M1-M8

The screw head patterns used are: one-word, cross, triangle, plum blossom, hexagon socket, H head, etc.

The surface treatment methods of the screws used are: electric nickel, black pot, color zinc plating, copper plating, etc.

The screw material used (not limited by the material): iron, copper, stainless steel, plastic, self-tapping screws, etc.

The materials of locking screw products are: plastic, iron, aluminum, wood, etc.

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