Labstac AH121 Horizontal Autoclave (150 L)

Capacity: 150 L

Sterilization Temperature: 134°C

Sterilization Time: 0-99 min

Heat Average: ≤±2°C

Working Pressure: 0.22 MPa

Time of Drying: 0-60 min

Chamber Dimension: 480×850 mm

Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 1400x600x1300 mm

Packing Size: 800 x 1650 x 1600 mm

Weight: 270/360 kg

Power: 6000 W

Power Supply: 380 V, 50 Hz


AX1048 Gasket – 150L

AX1052 Heating Tube – 150-200L

AX1055 Pressure gauge

AX1056 Safety valve

AX1057 Solenoid Valve

AX1058 Water level glass tube

AX1059 Display board

AX1060 Driver board

AX1061 Procedure board

AX1062 Electromagnet board

AX1063 Button board

AX1064 Solid-state relay

AX1065 Water level controller

AX1066 Transformer

AX1067 Printer

AX1068 Switching power supply

AX1069 Stainless steel basket

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