KOMEG KET-408LFAO Environmental Test Chamber (-40ºC~+150ºC)

Inner Size: W800 × H 850× D 600mm

Exterior size: W1000 x H 1755 x D 1360mm

Temperature range: -40°C~+150°C

Temp Deviation: ≤ ±2.0°C

Temp Fluctuation: ±0.5°C

Temp Uniformity: ≤2.0°C (empty load)

Power supply

- Connect 380V AC (± 10%); Three -phase+zero line+protection ground line, ground resistance ≤ 4Ω;

- Power frequency: 50 ± 0.5Hz

- Power consumption: 7.5KW

- Power current: 18A

KOMEG 7 Microprocessor PID control with Touchscreen display and can be programmable

Humidity range: 20~98%

Sample holder: 2 layers of stainless steel sample rack, bearing 30kg



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