Kett LZ-990 Coating Thickness Gauge

Measuring Method: Electromagnetic and Eddy Current (automatic substrate recognize function)

Applications: Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal or insulating coatings on non-magnetic metal

Measurable Range: 0~2000 µm or 0~80.0 mils

Measuring Accuracy: 

±1µm under 50 µm

±2% at 50 µm – under 1000 µm

±3% at 1000 µm – under 2000 µm


±0.1 µm under 100 µm,

1 µm at 100 µm or greater

Display: Digital (backlit LCD, minimum displayed digit is 0.1 µm )

Data Memory: Approximately 1000 points

Application Memory: 8 types each of electromagnetic and eddycurrent; 16 total calibration curves can be memorized

Power Supply: 1.5 V alkaline batteries (size AAA) x 2

Power Consumption: 40 mW (with backlight off)

Temperature: 0 to 40 ˚C

Output: PC (USB), Printer (RS-232C)

Dimensions & Weight: 82 (W) x 99.5 (D) x 32 (H)mm, Approx. 160 g

Accessories: Zero Calibration holder (Iron substrate, aluminum substrate), Calibration foils (50, 100, 1000 µm), Batteries (size AAA) x 2, Carrying pouch, Wrist strap, Operating manual

Optional Accessories: Calibration foils (other than the one furnished), Measuring stand LW-990, Printer VZ-380, Printer cable, Data Logger software (LDL-01), USB computer cable



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