HI-Q PAM-100 Portable Activity Meters (100 cm ^ 2)

The PAM-100 and PAM-170 series meters are portable hand-held user-friendly and ergonomically designed instruments intended for measuring surface contamination of alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides (depending on the detectors used). Smart gasless scintillation detectors with an active area of 100 cm^2 or 170 cm^2 are used. A dual phosphor detectors with two channel electronics for alpha discrimination is available.


• Alpha: up to 51% (241Am), up to 48% (239Pu), up to 92% (natU)1

• Beta: up to 20% (14C), up to 45% (60Co), up to 49% (204TI), up to 54%  90Sr/90Y), up to 48% (137Cs)

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