Fuootech FTD-6000 Automatic Anti-interference Transformer Tan Delta and Capacitance Tester (2000VA)

Working condition: -15℃~40℃, RH<80%

Anti-interference principle: Frequency conversion

Power supply: AC85V~160V

              Generator can be used

High voltage output: 0.5kV~12kV, Every 0.1kV

Precision: 2%

Maximum current: 200mA

Capacity: 2000VA

Self-excitation power: AC 0V~50V/15A, 45HZ/55HZ 47.5HZ/52.5HZ, 55HZ/65HZ 57.5HZ/62.5HZ, Automatic double frequency

Resolution: tgδ: 0.001%, Cx: 0.001pF

Accuracy: △tgδ: ±(Reading*1.0%+0.040%)

          △Cx: ±(Reading*1.0%+1.00PF)

Measurement range: tgδ, Without limit

                   Cx, 15pF < Cx < 300nF

                   12kV, Cx < 30 nF

                   5kV, Cx <150 nF

                   1kV, Cx <300 nF

                   CVT test, Cx < 300 nF

CVT ratio range: 10~10000

CVT ratio accuracy: 0.1%

CVT ratio resolution: 0.01

Storage: 200 group supports U disk data storage

Dimension:   Main unit: 350(L)×270(W)×270(H)

             Accessory box: 350(L)×270(W)×160(H)

Weight:   Main unit: 22.75kg

         Accessory box: 5.25kg

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