Fuootech FTCT-1000A 1000A Power Frequency CT PT Analyzer ( AC220V ± 20V, 50 ~ 60Hz)

Operational Power Supply: AC220V±20V, 50~60Hz

Equipment Power Supply Output Waveform: Sine Wave

Single Tester Output Voltage of Excitation Characteristic: 0~2500V

Excitation Output Current 0~20 A 

Single machine output current of turns ratio test: 0~1000A

CT ratio measurement range: 5~25000A/5A(5000A/1A)

PT ratio measurement range: 1~500kV

Load Range: 5~1000VA

Resistance measurement range: 0.1~300Ω

Error: ≤0.5%(0.2%*Reading+0.3%*Range)

Operating Temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Relative Humidity: <90RH%

Altitude: ≤1000m

Overall Dimension (Length × Width × Height): 400 *200 * 260(mm)

Weight: ≤22 Kg

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