Fuootech DST-1000S Hand Held Densitometer ( 0 ~ 3.0g/cm^3)

Range Density: 0~3.0g/cm^3, temperature: -25~100°C

Accuracy Density: ± 0.001g / cm^3, temperature: 0.5°C

Working voltage: rechargeable battery power supply (4 pcs of 5# battery)

Measurement method: Hand-held vertical measurement

Display: Color screen digital display, showing density value, temperature and time and date

Working temperature: (0~85) °C

Ambient humidity: (5~90)% RH

Memory: Stores 200 sets of measurement data

Sizes: The outer diameter of the probe is φ25mm, the minimum measuring depth of the liquid is 200mm, the maximum measuring depth is 25m, the length of the instrument box is 1m.

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