Elitech DMG-3 Manifold Gauge Set (-14.5-500psi/-14.5-800psi)

Pressure Measuring Range: -14.5-500psi/-14.5-800psi

Operating Temperature and Humidity: -10~60℃; 35%~85%RH

Resolution pressure: 0.5psi; temperature: ±1℃

Accuracy pressure: ±0.5%FS (22℃~28℃); temperature: ±1℃

Battery Life: six months

Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries per gauge

Sampling Period: 1s

Battery Indicator: display "LOB" at low battery

Display:1.9 *1 (in) LCD/blue back-light

Settable Measurement Units: MPa,kPa,bar,psi,kg/cm2,cmHg

Temperature Unit: ℉ / °C

Over Range Alarm: Displays -OL-



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