ALP SB-120HG Drying Oven (+5℃-80, 600L)

Inner dim. W×D×H/ Cap: 1000×500×1200mm/600L

Outer dim. W×D×H/Weight: 1130×930×1730mm/220kg

Temperature range: Room temperture +5℃-80℃

Temp. distribution accuracy: ±4.0℃ (at 70℃)

Ciruclating system: Vertical flow

Program operation: 1 memory, max. 8 steps

Cleaning level: Class 6 (When the temperature is stable /Target particle size : 0.5μm )

Filter: HEPA Filter (Prefilter: Unwoven cloth filter)

Door:  Double doors

Sensor port: φ22mm×1 Front right side

Safety devices: Overheat prevention device, Independent overheat prevention device, Sensor disconnection alarm, Thermal relay, Leakage breaker, Heater disconnection alarm

Power demand: AC 220/230/240V

Current: 12/11/11A

Shelves (max. load): 3 pcs.(30kg/pc.)



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