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ALP CL-32SDP Laboratory Autoclave (100℃-140℃, 45L)

Chamber size/volume: φ320×H450mm/45L

Outer dimension/weight: W550×D620×H870mm/75kg

Temperature(Max. press): 100℃-140℃ (0.270MPa) 

Sterilization time: 0 minutes- 48 hours 00 minutes 

Drying temp./time: 60℃-150℃ / 0 minutes- 99 hours 59 minutes

Dissolving temp./time: 40℃-99℃ / 0 minutes- 48 hours 00 minutes

Warming temp./time: 40℃-60℃ / 0 minutes- 48 hours 00 minutes 

Safety device: Lid interlock, Water lack prevention, Over temperature prevention, Over pressure prevention, Sensor breakage detection, Memory backup, Leakage breaker, Pressure safety valve 

Power demand: AC220/230/240V, 11/11/12A

Wire basket/quantity: φ300×200mm/2 pcs.



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